The Sunless Dawn

Chapter 2 - Day 3: Arriving at the Old Temple


Departing from the home of Thorvald the farmer and thanking he and his wife for their generosity (and ample supply of grits), the party once set out along the North Road on their way to the Old Temple.

They had not travelled but for a few hours when the party began to notice an eerie rumble travelling through the ground. All strained their ears to listen, and were quite worried to notice the distinct sound of eight feet pounding the ground, coming ever closer. Some ducked ran for cover in a nearby ravine, the other ‘braver’ (perhaps, foolish?) members of the party readied their weapons before advancing towards the source of the sound. In only a few seconds, 2 large, angry creatures burst out of the forest, causing much confusion and consternation among the party members.

“It’s a wild boar!” yelled one.

“No! It’s a four-legged orc,” shouted the half orc.

“You fools! It’s a bacon machine!”

“Oooh! Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon…”

“What’s bacon?” asked the dwarf.

Regardless, the party made clever use of the unwieldiness of the boars. Taking cover behind trees and dealing heavy damage to them as they attempted to charge past. Grikk, in particular, was very gleeful that he was pre-tenderizing the meat with his fists, even before it had been taken off the animals. Through their skillful tactics and without taking too much damage for the slashing, piercing tusks of the wild boar, the party was able to capture all the jelly beans (DM Note: Must buy lots of jelly beans for next battle….) and defeat the beasts.

It was at this moment that three of the party discovered their calling. (Sound Revelation Music) First the Dwarf realized that he was, in ‘his’ deepest heart of hearts…a butcher…of vermin. Katze, the cleric, inspired by the mountain of potential pork products before them, suddenly realized her vocation as a chef. And finally, perhaps most profoundly, Grikk realized,, through the visions of his mother in the dying embers of a campfire, that his path was not to be that of a monk, but instead that of a….BARBARIAN!!!!! ARRRGGGH!!!

Having feasted upon 24d10 pounds of pork products, including some rather lean and gamey bacon. The party continued onwards. A few more hours passed, and finally they caught sight of it upon the hill. It was the Old Temple. Trying to scrutinize the structure, the party walked together, closer and closer to their destination…

(Cue Cutscene)

To be read in a deep male voice:

Atop one of the larger foothills of the Adler Mountains, and about forty miles North-Northwest of the town of Eichenstark, the party comes upon the ‘Old Temple’ complex. Abandoned about five or six human generations ago in lieu of the smaller, but closer to town, New Temple (which the party has seen) the former center of religion still possesses much of the grandeur that made one of the greatest architectural achievements of its time.

However, the centuries of disuse have taken a gradual toll, the plants of the forest have made significant progress in reclaiming the hilltop. Lianas and ivies twine around cracked marble pillars. Virtually every crack in the flagstones has been taken advantage of by some grassy plant or small shrub. There are even more than a few small trees beginning to take hold in the once carefully manicured grounds.

Under the influence of the harsh weather, the structures here have also begun to fail. Crumbled, weathered architectural elements can be found scattered all over the grounds. And the loss of several main pillars has caused the high roofs to cave in in several places, allowing access to the elements, and further accelerating the decline. The rubble is piled so high in some places as to make passage nearly impossible.

The temple complex was at one time richly decorated, and there are still significant hints of this to be found. Since the abandonment was very deliberate and well-planned, most of the moveable wealth of the Temple has long since been transported to the New Temple. What is left is the immovable, that which was considered largely worthless, and that which had been forgotten. It is the final category that attracts adventurers to the site nowadays…but if the current leadership at the New Temple are asked…they will almost certainly mention that nobody had bothered to turn off any of the security systems…

As the party approaches, they find the ruins perched atop the hill much as you would expect…but upon closer inspection you notice a few thin wisps of smoke rising from the hilltop. Campfires? Perhaps somebody or something has taken up residence here? The attackers? Ghosts? Well, apparently it is their job to figure it all out…

(End Cutscene)

Carefully making their way up the path alongside the sheer East Wall of the compound. The party was brought to a halt by the keen eyes of Grikk, the newly minted Barbarian. He had seen humanoid figures in the entranceway. Turning himself to smoke, the Computerized Cleric confirmed the observation, noting that there were two orcs standing in the entranceway of the compound. Throwing caution to the winds, the party charged up the curving steps to the gate and, catching the orcs by surprise, defeated them soundly. In a particularly epic moment, the orc formerly known as Q5, critically failed an attack of opportunity, blowing out his ACL and MCL in an attempt to land an unarmed attack, instantly disabling himself and leaving himself to the tender mercies of the party.

After some significant debate and over the protest of Grikk, it was decided to pitch the bodies off the cliff, and hopefully out of sight of any others that might be in the area.

Seeing that the sun had begun to set, the party set back down the hill away from the temple. After heading into the woods looking for a safe spot to camp for the night, the party settled down to a cold, dark night…hopefully out of sight and mind of the enemy they hoped to vanquish the next day.

Today was gained _xp and _gp. (Note to self…must check these figures later).

The weather forecast for the night…Cloudy, chance of rain, sleet, and snow after 4 AM. Lows near 33. West wind 8-12 mph.



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